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Wether it’s business or home, work or play – if you have the need to increase your technical footprint but need some help figuring it out and getting the right decisions made, Bristenstock can help. Printer setup? Backups? That photo project you have been putting off? Scanning old slides and film movies? Bringing VCR taped moments off the shelf and into the digital age? We can help you with all that and more.

Want to get home and have the lights come on as you pull into the driveway? Control your heat automatically? Manage your home or your vacation home while you are away? How about getting an email with a picture of the delivery driver who just dropped that package off? Lock or unlock doors? – sure there are many solutions to all of this, but tying it all up under a simple  to use bow – that’s the trick and we can help.

Just getting organized – backing up your data, optimizing your digital plan. Learning that new piece of software. That blog you always wanted to start. Get help with any and all of it.


[ut_blockquote_left] Home automation is a great addition to your digital lifestyle  [/ut_blockquote_left] Getting started in home automation and the internet of things can be daunting and confusing. There are multiple standards and protocols and not all of them play well with one another. Practical results, reliable service and ease of use are needed. I have learned the lessons so you don’t have to and I believe I can help you build a solid foundation to fit your needs that will grow with you

[ut_blockquote_right] Don’t think someone else is keeping an eye on that network your house is connected to. It’s a scary world out there and you ARE at risk [/ut_blockquote_right] Most devices on the internet are probed for weakness and vulnerabilities a hundred or more times a day – all without the owner knowing it.  They might be looking for your data – they might be vandals and destructive just because they can – and they might be taking control of your internet connected devices causing them to act on command to attack other sites or devices.  Imagine one day you no longer have access to your computer or laptop? what then? How do you get your data back after digital blackmailers ransom your data for a fee? Happens every day. Loosing all your photos, your digital memories can be tragic for the modern home and disastrous for the modern business. Don’t wait until you are a victim before you move on a plan.


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