Maybe now is a good time to be on-line

In the arc of society and civilizations, espeically in cases where technoogy is involved , there seems to be times when everything suddenly seems to shift. Watershed moment s that change how we interact with things. Seems like overnight CD’s replaced the LP record. But who buys CD’s these days? Anyone? change once more. Everyting is on line or in the cloud.. Round and round change keeps comming.

Large portions of brick and mortor are now left behind with the invasion of routine that is covid-19. What seemed like nice to have, or ‘not realy what we are about’ is now all there is.

Over the last two months – those with the ability and percistence of vision have been able to jump the gap. Survive. Go on and eventually  prosper.

Even after all of this becomes history –

Forcast is for measures of social distancing to continue into 2022 . Beyond hopes and timelines, peoples habits have changed. The next shift is now. It’s become rather convienient to tap away on your phone or computer then swing past and pick up your order – no fuss or muss. Clean and effiecient. Regardles of how you feel about sociatal change – change it is. Only those who can adapt can survive. This is what change feels like. It can be uncomfortable. Scary.

If you are motivated
If you are committed
It is by no means to0 late.
And for most, it is by no means out of reach.

Let’s talk – share honest estimations of cost and capabilities. Lets take a look at what can be done to turn things around for now, and for the future.